Saturday, June 19, 2010

Audrey's 8th Birthday "Baby Animal" Party!

My sweet girl turned 8 years old! She has always loved anything tiny! Tea sets, toys, and animals. So she decided to have a Baby Animal Party. It was so fun planning this special surprise for her!

When I took this picture before the party - little did Audrey know that she would soon be playing with a baby goat, bunny & chick!

My wonderful friend's daughter Cassidy "showed" the baby animals. She's very involved in the 4-H club. She actually helped birth these baby goats. Thank you, you darling girl!

Audrey got to name this baby goat. She thought and thought, then decided on "Popsicle".

The world's calmest bunny!

A "teenager" chicken

Some of Audrey's sweet friends

Monday, June 7, 2010

Slip N Slide Smiles

We have had a great start to our summer! We have had nice, hot weather - perfect for the pool! And, perfect for the Slip N Slide in the yard!

My four darling kids!
Tess 4, Audrey 8, Will 9 & Blake 10