Saturday, May 30, 2009

Making Changes

I just want to give a little update...

Recently, Rob and I have been re-evaluating some things within our adoption process. We have been praying for God's direction from this point on. We know God has called us to adopt a little girl. We know our destination is Russia. But we've been wondering if there a different route God wants to take us to get there. With all our hearts, we want to follow His plan to get to our little girl!

In the past few weeks, when I spend time in prayer, God seems to be drawing us to Moscow City. And, so this week we spoke with our adoption agency and made the decision to remove ourselves from Astrakhan and switch to the Moscow City region in Russia.

It's a crazy move, because we're right up there for Astrakhan, and all of our paperwork is submitted and completed for that region. But if our little girl is in Moscow, then that's where we're headed! Another thing that makes the decision non-logical is that the region is pretty much closed for the summer. The Dept of Education in Moscow is not even accepting dossiers right now. But, that's fine. We will re-do our paperwork now and get it sent to Moscow. Then when they re-group in the fall, we'll be ready.

Speaking logically, the decision to switch to Moscow City does not make any since at all. But, last Sunday our pastor at church said "God doesn't work within human logic." And, when I talked with my mom about things she said, "This whole adoption is not logical. But, logic is not what God is asking for."

Rob and I have prayed so much about this decision. We have an amazing peace. I pray we are moving in the direction God wants us to go. So we are resting in that knowledge. Please join us in prayer for our little girl. She needs her family!

To God be the Glory!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Still Praying and Believing

Just wanted to let you know that we have had no updates since my last post on April 22nd. Still praying and believing...