Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Preparing For Warmer Weather

Finally some nicer weather! Tess was able to go to the "tornado slide park", as we call it, and go down the big 'ol slide. The first time I went down that slide I "made a train" with 16 month old Will, 2 1/2 year old Blake and I was 9 months pregnant with Audrey. Those were the days!! This was a much different 1st. You'll notice I was the one taking the picture and my kids did most of the mothering on that first trip down the tornado slide.

We are planning a trip to California in a few weeks. Our first family of 6 vacation. Tess is such a good girl. We'll have so much fun! But, because she has never been in the US when it has been warm, I have been slowly preparing her for what lies ahead. And this is why: A while ago Tess and I were looking at a book and a boy was wearing shorts. Tess said, "Uh oh! Boy's pants broken!" So, I know there are going to be MANY things that are confusing for her. So today I got out some girly capri pants and a tank top. Tess said, "Tess no like that. That too little for Tess." So, I got out another summer outfit and let her "pick" which one she wanted to wear. She picked the first one. ;) She kept pulling the legs down and saying, "My shirt arms all gone." I just smiled and, "Do you want to look at a book?" She's so easy to distract. I had our photo album from the last trip we took to the ocean. We talked about the sand, beach, ocean, waves, water, sandcastles. She looked at a picture of Audrey with her swim suit on and said, "Audrey goin' outside in undies?! Nooo!" Then about the boys, "No shirts outside! You silly boys!" She thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Also for preparation, I have given Audrey and Tess their goggles to wear in the bath tub. They love it! I've been throwing in pennies and they dive for them in the 6 inch deep water. Audrey is such a good big sister. She pretends it's so hard to find the pennies and goes crazy for Tess when she finds them. Tess totally goes under and holds her breath. I wish you could hear her tell you all about her "ga-does". She's the most animated story-teller! I'll be anxious to share pictures of my wonderful, darling kids with their ga-does on!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Stairs Games

So, this is how the game goes: Blake, Will and Audrey pile on top of a bean-bag chair which is on top of a sled. They perch themselves on the very top edge of the steps and then...Tess pushes them down. Do you think they played that game on the blue stairs at the orphanage? ;) Tess is LOVING life with her crazy fun brothers and sister!