Monday, May 17, 2010

Tess at School

Tess continues to make leaps and bounds in her English! She has little phrases she uses all the time. Like, "Last time..." "But Mommy..." "I'm too little to do..." "That's too tricky for me!" Sweet baby girl!

As I am typing this she is doing a puzzle and singing at the top of her voice, "The Ants go Marching Down" I have a couple of pictures I took last Friday of Tess at her school. She started going to pre-school in January. It's one day a week for 3 hours. I call it "puppy class". There are more speech pathologists and PT's than kids! We're so sad it's over! Her last day is this Friday.

But, we are so ready for summer here at our house! One more week!
All smiles with her Strawberry Shortcake backpack!

What a cutie pie!

Blake went on a pretend "Missions Trip" to Africa with his class at school. He did "security".